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Velicoraptor Skeleton

Velicoraptor Facts
Some attributes
First Length: 6 feet
Second Weight: 33 lbs.
Third Type of Dino: Theropod
Other attributes
Fourth Diet: Carnivore
Fifth Time span:75-71 million years ago
Sixth Location: Mongolia

Their size may fool you, but this is one carnivore that you don't want to mess with. Velicoraptor is one of the smallest of the raptor family and just like the rest of them, it's deadly? Being discovered in Mongolia on August 11, 1923 by Peter Kaisen, it's one of the most frequent small carnivores to be found in southern Asia.


Velicoraptor measures 6 feet long and weighs less than 40 lbs. With those kinds of measurements, it doesn't sound like a vicious meat eater. So what makes this "turkey", a successful predator. A 4 in. retractable claw on the middle toe, the tendency to hunt in a pack and the ability to chase down prey at 40 m.p.h. 

Feeding Habits

Velicoraptor, as a carnivore, doesn't have to work hard to catch prey. Since most of its food supply moves very slow, and it's hunting in a pack routine is a snitch, catching a meal is very easy.

Reproduction and Parental Care

This carnivore may be vicious, but it's suitable parent. Not much is known about how they breed, however how they take care of their young has been studied. Their eggs and young are cared for in nesting communities, in which the adults of the pack take turns on caring for one another's young. Once the chicks hatch there are kept in dens, dug by the adults, to keep them safe from other large predators. The young are fed by the adults by two ways. One way,  the adults regurgitate their food, like modern birds. The other way is the adults may bring back some amounts of meat back to the nests. As the young grow, they'll begin to hunt small prey such as amphibians, lizards, mammals and other prey.

Pop Culture

Being second in line on the dangerous predators in pop culture, Velicoraptor diffently lives up to their reputation as a  vicious, pack hunter.

Jurassic Park

Velicoraptors' story begins when a group security were loading the small predator into their enclourse. Once the cage was in position, the  carnivores rams and damages the locks and gets its loose. Eating one of the security guards in the process. Later when the endorsement team arrives the island to examine the park, Alan Grant (famous palentologist and raptor expert) discovers a clutch of eggs and found out that the park holds capative raptors. Learning this new information, Grant runs outside to have a look to at these pack hunters. He was just in time to hear them eat their lunch. Robert Muldon tells the entire endorsement what the raptors are capable of doing and how smart they are. 

During the blackout, the raptor pens' power was untouched. However, when Ray Arnold (chief engineer) resets the entire system, the fence becomes useless and the raptors manage to escape. After 10 or 15 minutes, Ellie can sense that something went wrong, so Robert and herself decide to turn on the power themselves. Robert also senses that the raptors are hunting them, he decides to hunt them before he becomes they're next meal. Once Ellie turns back on the electricity to the park, she was attacked by one of the raptors that hiding in the bunker. Barely escaping the room with a minor foot injury, she locks the predator in the bunker. Meanwhile, Robert is preparing to shoot the remaining raptors. However, he underestimated they're intellengence and was attacked by the alpha female, The Big One. Meanwhile, once Ellie got the power back on, one of the other raptors try to attack Ellie and becomes locked in the maintence shed. After climbing the electric perimeter fence, the trio of survivors return to the Vistor's Center to regroup and try to reach the mainland for an airlift escort. However, with the secuirty systems and the minor power still not on, there is no way to call the mainland. When the kids recharge their systems with fruits and deserts, one of the raptors picks up their sent and track them to the kitchen. After opening the door her claws, the alpha female scoops the kitchen for another midday meal. She also decides to call for some back-up and begins to walk the counter walk-ways to find a meal. Suddenly, they hear a metal laddle falling to the ground. The alpha sniffs the area, but finds no meal. Now, she hears another laddle taping the floor, like someone's trying to get her attention. She sees a Lex trying to close a door of an oven to protect herself, the alpha female sees the moment to eat her. Not noticing that Lex was using her reflection to confusing the raptor, the Big One slams her head into the metal wall and becomes knocked out. Meanwhile, Tim has set a trap for the Big One's assistances by make her slip on the ice in the freezer and locks the handle. Managing to escape the kitchen of death, the alpha female regains her thoughts and rengages her hunt for the kids and the adults. The alpha struggles to open the door with Grant and Ellie trying to keep it closed. With the system reactivted, being, the alpha finds another way into the control room and again fails to capture the survivers.