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Sue the T.Rex

No introduction needed for the king of the dinosaurs. The tyrannosaurus Rex was one of the largest and the last of the terrestrial carnivores to roam on planet Earth at the end of the Cretaceous Period. To the eyes of a paleontologist, its the ultimate predator to science, but to the eyes of enthusiasts (children), it's the most fearsome monster to appear on the big screen. 

Flesh on the Bones

This predator measures on average of 40 feet (12.3 meters) and weighing over 14 tons, it's appearance and size has earned the reputation as being a terrifying creature to roam this planet. The king may be gone now, but it's skeletons have been recovered in the Northwestern Region of the North American continent.  Between the early 1900s and mid-2010s, 50 skeletons of T.Rex have been found and put on display throughout the country. However, only 8 of these fossils have entirely revolutionized the fossil record by what paleontologists have discovered, calculated, and theorized around the bones. Here's what those fossils have told us.

AMNH 5027

This particular fossil discovered in 1908 by Barnum Brown, also known as Mr. Bones, became of the most popular fossils for next 100 years. However, the most famous fossil became such a tough job to dig up. Even with the help of dynamite and other high explosives, it took three summers to retrieve the entire fossil out of its grave. Upon its arrival to the lab in New York City, the skeleton of this particular specimen was unimaginable. Eight inch teeth in a complete four foot skull, intact and almost rib cage and spinal cord, was dream find to Brown that he called this find, "my favorite child". More than sixty years later, this fossil has sparked the interest of the pop cultural community such Godzilla, who actually carried the DNA of the AMNH 5027 and of course caught the image for Chip Kidd, an American Graphic Designer for book jackets, captured the classic Jurassic Park novel image and film poster. 

Sue (FMNH PR2081)

The time was August 12, 1990. The location was in the badlands of South Dakota. This used to be home to a predator unlike any other, 67 million years ago. Susan Hendrickson, a field palenologist for the Black Hills Institute, and Peter Larson, the president of of the Black Hills Institute, have made a remarkable discovery of an intact and almost complete T.Rex skeleton was unearthered and named Sue after the Susan in her honor. Once this delecate find was recovered, the future outcome was more than the team that found imaganed. 

After 17 days of Sue's excavation, federal goverement officals seized the giant and loaded all ten tons of her bones away into protective custody. After an eighteen month "Battle of the Bones", it was decided to sell Sue to the right location. In the aution house of Sotheby's in New York City, Sue the T.Rex made a world record as the most expensive dinosaur fossil ever. Less than 10 minutes of bidding, the highest bid added with Southeby's commission, Sue's sold for $8,362,500 to Chicago's Field Museum of Natural History. This is the highest amount ever paid for a fossil. 

Sue's new home in the Windy City was quite a welcoming.. Sue's debut to the world was underway, taking over 12 museum prepartors and more than 30,000 hours of preperation of her 90% complete skeleton was mounted and displayed by May 17, 2000, with over 100,000 vistors came to see this maginificet show piece.  


To most palentologists, Tyrannosaurus could have lived a semi-tropical environment. Surrounded by by open plains with nearby rivers and in coastal forested swamps. However, there could have been a dark side to their environment, such active volcanoes and geothermal springs relasing carbon monoxide.



If Tyrannosaurus Rex was the ultimate predator, than it would have incredible senses, such as sight, smell, and hearing. It's vision would be mainly based on movement and has the ability to see in binocular vision. It's eyes are 16 inches apart and they can see up to four miles away, which is 6 times stronger than we can see. It's sense of smell wasn't far off, because it's nasal passage is the most sensitive of any other carnivorous dinosaurs. Their hearing is not far off either, in fact they can hear a range of different frequiences such as low grunts of a Triceratops. 

Feeding Habitats

Being a carnivore, Tyrannosaurus had to hunt a lot of prey. It's most famous prey would be Ornithomimus , Edmontosaurus and even Triceratops . So exactly how much did eat? According to most palentologists, it would have to consume over 1,000,000 calories in a week, that's 1,500 lbs or 3/4 of a ton of raw meat. However, the bite pressure of a predator this size would be extraordinary. According to scientists, the estimated bite pressure would be an average 8,650 lbs of force, 2.5 times powerful than a great white shark. So how does this predator create that kind of bite force. There are two sets of muscles, one of them runs from the top of the skull to the bottom of the lower jaw, these muscles give this carnivore's bite their speed. The rest of the muscles which take up 50% of the muscles in the head, wrap around the lower jaw to the root of the mouth, these muscles give the jaws their bite force. All together, these jaws are powerful to clamp down with enough force to bite through a steel oil drum and are strong enough to pick up a hippo.

 Parental Care

Having a mouth of raw meat can mean alot when you have little mouths to fed. Tyrannosaurus as a parent can be a big deal. We also alot about tyrannosaurus mating rituals. How does the male attract the female? The males don't do anything, it's the females that attract the males, by emitting loud calls for a least a week. When the call has been heard, the male will offer her a present such as Triceratops carcass. Because this would be like a distraction for her, to stop her attackig  him on site. When the female begins to feed, the male must keep his distance. After satifizing a meal, the couple will mate. The male would stay by the female will she is receptive, ready to see off any other males that may appear. After 3 days or so, the female may either tell the male to get out of her territory or they may stay together longer. After a few weeks of the embryo development. The female will make a nest of mud and dirt, about 10 feet in diameter, suitable for 12 eggs. The mother will now stand by her nest and not even eat for 2 months,which is the time for the eggs to incubate. Once the eggs hatch, the chicks will remain under the mother's protection for the next 2 months, so after she might one of two things, she'll detour them or consume as food.

Pop Culture

Being the most terrifying preator in the fossil record, it's would have to be the most bloodthirsty in sci fi films. Tyrannosaurus is on the must appear list of ever movie involving dino theme parks, time travel documentaries and more. However, would we see in films and tv, would be considered "normal behavior". 

Jurassic Park (1993)

" We have a T.Rex." - John Hammond - 

In Jurassic Park (1993), the Tyrannosaurus Rex is one of the main attractions on the safari tour. The female nicknamed Rexy, measures about 43 feet long and 16.5 feet tall, which makes her the largest tyrannosaurus on record. Once the scientists were on the tour of the park, there was no sign of the Tyrannosaurus. Even though, they tried to lure her with a goat as bait. Unfortunaltly, no T.Rex. 

-"Quiet, all of you. Their approaching the tyrannosaur paddock." - Robert Burke -

During the night, while the tropical storm was brewing over the island, the power suddenly goes out. Suddenly, the ground begins to rumble. To Gennaro, the lawyer, the power might be coming back on. To what the kids see, the troubles are just beginning. Tim looks into the paddock, the goat is missing. What's left of the goat, falls on top of the car. All the clues can mean one thing, the king of the jungle is awake and she may be hungry. Once done feeding, Rexy begins to chomp her way through the fence, she is free. After breaking free from the paddock, she begins to roam the area around the paddock, sniffing the tour cars and following the beam of light that Lex turn on. Rexy now viciously attacks the lead tour car, full of passengars. With the car almost completly smashed to bits, Alan Grant decides to distract and lure Rexy away from the car with a flare.  Suddenly, Ian Malcom steps with with a flare to distract the predator as well. However, that didn't go according to plan, Rexy picked up Malcoms' movement and began to follow him to Gennaro's hiding place and devours him. Once having another small meal, Rexy returns to the destoryed car where Lex and Alan are stationary and motionless. Failing to consume the rest of the car, she decides to throw the car over the steep incline of her paddock. 

After the storm passed, Ellie Satler and Robert Moulden were assigned to retrive the guests. There's no sign of them anywhere. However, Rexy is not far away, her vocalizations can be heard so cleary. Once the two have resuced Maclom, Rexy begins to chase off the jeep out of her terriority. Once out of her territory and with morning approaching, the massive predator needs to seek a food supply. Rexy begins to stalk the Gallimimus herd and uses an ambush teqhinue to capture one individual. After feeding, she makes a heroic appearance in the Vistor Center, devouring the two Velicoraptors , letting the survivors to escape. 

The Lost World: Jurassic Park (1997)

" Somwhere on this island is the greatest predator that ever lived."

- Roland Tembo- 

Sending a team of naturalists are sent to Isla Sorna (Site B), to collect a photo record of the animals in their natural habitat. However, after dealing with the gathers, Nick Van Owen (Photographer) , finds a 2 week old infant tyrannosaur with a broken leg. Soon after the infant was brought back to the trailers, the parents were tracking the sounds and scent of their son. Mother and father appear to retrieve their juvenille back. With the trailers destoryed by the adults, they might continue to track the survivors as they make their way to an abandoned village to communicate to the mainland. After walking for at least a day and half, the adults once again track down the survivors and scare them out of their terrority. Roland seeks this oppurtinity to kill the male T.Rex, however he has no ammunation, so the other option is tranquizler darts. With the male now sedated, it's ready to be shipped to the mainland for the ultimate attraction: Jurassic Park San Diego. Unfortunatly, the male was already awake when it docked into the harbor and escapes. Now with the entire county of San Diego scared out of their minds, Dr. Malcom and Dr. Harding retrieve the infant to draw in the adult back to the boat. Once back on the island, the two adults and the infant continue to live their lifes. 

Jurassic Park III

In third movie of the Jurassic franchise, another male tyrannosaur makes a cameo appearnance, who stumbled apon Dr. Grant and the remaining passengars of an airplane crash. The sub adult male has seen feeding on an orthipod carcass, and detected the passengars movements. The predator begins to follow them deeper into the forest, where it meets face to face with the Spinosaurus . With the two carnivores at each other's throats, they precced to battle. However, the Tyrannosaurus seems to have the lead in the fight, until the Spinosaurus has it's jaws clamped down on the predators neck and snaps. The T.Rex falls to the ground dead and possibly is eaten by the Spinosaur. So why wasn't the Tyrannosaur once again the main predator in this film? According to palentologist, Jack Horner, T.Rex has been in charge of the first two films, so they wanted something bigger and badder. 

Jurassic World (2015)

- We need more teeth." - 

- Gray Mitchell-

In Jurassic World, the tyrannosaurus rex is one of many attractions in the new park. The tyrannosaurus is this park is the same female that was in the first film. Rexy has been alive and well for the last 25 years on Isla Nublar. Now she safetly at home in the T.Rex Kingdom which is centered in the middle of the park, near the lagoon. Her feeding shows are 2 hours apart, she is fed with goats just she was before and now she is lured with flares to get her attention. Unfortunalty, the queen of the carnivores is not that impressive anymore. So the genestists create their first genetic modified hybrid, Indominus Rex . However, with the new predator causing havoic and killing everyone and everything around it. Not even the Velicoraptors stand a chance against a vicous monster like that. So, Clare Dearing had an idea from one of her nephews to bring another carnivore to finish off the Indomnius. Rexy has been released for a second time, only this time, for a purpose. Once the battle was underway, Blue, one of the remaining members of the raptor pack helps out the predator. With one final charge, Rexy slams the hybrid into the Lagoon, where the Mosasaurus wraps up the fight. Now Rexy is badly wounded, but she will recover. After the remaining survivors escape the island, Rexy gives out one final roar to reclam her terrority and her place in the food chain. 

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (2018)

Not scheduled to released for another six months, but the trailer has already shown us that Rexy is still alive and keeping the island in check. However with the volcano about to erupt, she must be rescued.

Prehistoric Park

Nigel Marven dreamed of breeding extinct animals in capativity, his first creature to bring back from extinction would be the meanest and scariest predator of all time. So once he traveled back to prehistoric Montana, 65 million years ago. Once evaulating the area, Nigel stummbles across an herd of Ornithomimus. However, the were triggered into a stampede when three Tyrannosaurus' were out hunting for a meal. After doing 3 sets of mouth, Nigel had no luck saving any T.Rex for Prehistoric Park. Day 2 on the job, a herd of Triceratops comes down to the lake for their morning refreshments. Later on, Nigel relizies that prey and predators are attracted to water holes and follows a trackway back their den. With a new plan, finding T.Rex eggs, there were no eggs available to back to the park. With the meteorite coming closer to the Earth, Nigel is running out of time. Day 3 on the job, a pack of Tyrannosaurs show up to feast on their favorite prey, Triceratops. With the Triceratops standing their ground, the predators have a challenge, however, the massive female has a young Triceratops in her jaws, but help is at hand. A large adult Triceratops charges at the female and jabs it's horns into her upper thigh. With no backup, the injured has to make her own kill. She spots her next her victim, another young Triceratops, for Nigel he finds the oppourinty to save 2 species for the price of one. The large female stops and watches Nigel and the male Triceratops go through the time portal. Moving slowly down the river, the female picks up the scent of a decaying Triceratops flowing down stream. Unable to reach it, she decides to go after other prey. Later on in the day, she begins to chase down an Ornithomimus herd, Nigel sees the oppournity to save this herd from extinction. With the herd of Ornithomimus through the time portal and the female has a meal, however, she not eating her catch. She continues to walk back the way she came. On her last legs, she makes a stop and Nigel is surprised, she's a mother, 2 young tyrannosaur head peep out of side of a hill and are hungry. Suddenley, a male appears and challenges the injured and exhauseted female over the caracass. She's gives what left of her energy to fight off the male. Unfortunalty, she couldn't hold off the male much longer. She has been fataltly injured and lays lifeless on the ground. If that wasn't enough, the meterorite has entered the Earth's atmosphere, now Nigel must lure the Rex babies through the time portal and back to the park.

Over the last 5 episodes, the brother and sister, Terrance and Matilda have grown up. In episode 2: A Mammoth Undertaking: the T.rex are starting to put on weight from all the meat they're being fed. In episode 3: Dino Birds, they begin to get on each other's nerves. By separating the two carnivores. a dividing wall will have to built to keep them apart. In episode 4: Saving the Sabertooth, the dividing wall is complete and the rexes are still on each other's nerves. In episode 5: The Bug house, there is a major emergency, Matilda has broken into Terrance enclourse and starts to kill her brother by clamping on his neck. When the fight stopped, Terrance is in a critcal condition, with losing a lot of blood and a massive gash on his face. Once the vet has done her job, Terrance has recovered from his injures and returned back to the enclourse. In episode 6: Super Croc, during the Mass-Break Out, Matida escapes her paddock and made her way to the elepant herd, where she managed to seperate the baby from every member of the herd, except for Martha the mammoth who saved the life of the calf. When Nigel sees her, he gets Matilda's attention and she begins to follow him. Despite the danger he is in, Nigel runs past the Deinosuchus Dip and Matailda escapes the jaws of the giant croc and continues to chase Nigel to the Obsevation Pen where she is captured. A few weeks later, she is brought back to her enclourses and that's where they will spend the rest of their lives. 

Walking with Dinosaurs

In this documentary series last episode: Death of Dystany, follows a female Tyrannosaurus who is struggling to have a family for two reasons. Number one, her nest is being invaded by Didelphodon's and number two, the embryo's inside the eggs are being scufficated by the volcanic pollution. Abandoning the nest, the female has been calling the males for weeks with no result. A few days later, a male has responded to the female's call and is going to present her with a meaty present. The female arrives and accepts the males gift. Later that evening, they mate and stay together for a few days. 3 days later, the female scares off the male before she lays the eggs. After a few weeks, the female has made a new nest camoflauged in the forest while she keeps watch. A month later, the female ambushs an herd of Edmontosaurus and brings back some raw meat for 3 chicks. A few days later, the mother rests in the warm sun of the afternoon, while the chicks play and explore their surrounding, they have no idea that danger is approaching. A lonely Ankylosaurus wanders into the mothers territory. She is surprised, but she must protect her young. With one lunge, the Ankylosaurus tail smashes the females right leg, cracking the femur and rupturing internal organs. Limping away in agny, she lies lifeless on the baking ashfields, only hours away before the meteorite clolides with the Earth. 

Dinosaur King

In the tv show, Dinosaur King, the Tyrannosaurus Rex is the carnivore of the fire ability dinosaurs. This is the only card was not activited anywhere. The move card that was with this red hot creature is Volcano Burst.

Tyrannosaurus "Terry" Card




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