Welcome to the world of Science, learn everything from the prehistoric creatures that used to roam on the Earth, to the Earth's heart (aka. the core ) to the outer reaches of outer space. Learn everything you need to know from each of these subjects. This is a child friendly and school friendly website, teachers and students are provided with worksheets, videos, and important information for certain subjects. P.S. there are no answers for the questions on the worksheets.

The basic science shows that will provide the worksheets and videos will be:

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Subject Contents

Animal Life/Zoology:

Explores the world animal groups, from the tiny insects to our species that roam the planet today.


Learn about the structure, proporities, and changes of matter.


Travel back in time and research about the largest creatures that ever walked the planet.  


Learn about the places where plants and animals call home.

Forces of Nature/Natural Disasters

Stay safe when mother nature has the power to do some destruction.


There is more to the Earth than just solid rock.

Human Body/Anatomy

See how microscopic organisms keep us runnning and keeping us healthy.


Study up on how matter and its motion through space and time.

Science Events

Read about the most famous science's event's.

Science Fiction Theatre

Watch movies that are science related.


Go beyond to the outer reaches of the solar system and the universe.


Talk about the weather and learn about how it works in the flowing gases of the atmosphere.

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