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This will give the parents nightmares.

Indominus Rex facts
Some attributes
First Length: 50 feet
Second Weight: more than 7 tons
Third Type of dino: Theropod (sometimes can stand on all limbs)
Other attributes
Fourth Diet: Carnivore
Fifth Time span: unknown (possibly around the mid cretaceous, 110 million years ago)
Sixth Location: No fossils have been found.

Bigger, louder, smarter, and more teeth is actually a good set of words to describe the most vicious predator known as the Indominus rex. This genetic modified dinosaur is a combination of different dinosaur DNA and a bit of present day animal species. 

Flesh on the Bones

The I. Rex has a number of different animal DNA in its genetic makeup. The base genome of the animal is the Tyrannosaurus Rex. Also, the other characterisitics from the Tyrannosaurus Rex that relates to the I.Rex is it's bite pressure of 56,000 newtons and speed (30 mph / 48.2 kph / 13.4 m/s). If we recall from Jurassic Park (1993), John Hammond mentioned that they clocked the T.Rex going 32 mph ( 51.5 kph / 14.3 m/s).  

Velicoraptor DNA has been added as well, which gave her the highly amount of intelligence. Such as clawing the walls to confuse the paddock handlers to think that she escaped, how to keep the Gyrosphere up, how to eat the Ankylosaurus, how to outsmart the ACU soilders and to communticate with different animals such as the raptors and the pterosaurs. It's also possible that the I.Rex was given gripping hands from the Velicoraptor DNA as well.

Other species were added into her genetic code. Such as the Gigantosaurus, Majantholus, Carnotaurus, and Therizinosaurus. For the Indominus Rex, the Gigantosaurus DNA gives her the masive size. The Carnotaurus DNA gives her the large spikes known as osteoderms, which is a natural body armor that shields otherwise vulnerable areas from attack. The Majantholus DNA gives the Indominus Rex to take shots to the head or chest and recover easily in a fight and the Therizinosaurus DNA gives her the large claws on the hands for devastasting damage into flesh and concrete structures.

Some modern animals have also been added to the genetic code as well. Cuttlefish DNA has been added so that she can withstand an accelerated growth rate, but it also give the advantage to change the skins' color. It may possible that she can breathe underwater. Tree frog DNA was added to help her adapt to a tropical climate, but also gave her the advantage to change her infraded output and her temperature. Pit viper DNA was also added to let here see thermal radation and her extended and possibly disconnect the jaw when swallowing large prey.

The Right Environment

Being created in the lab, the Indomius Rex was designed to live in tropical environments. To try to live in a place with medium temperatures (80 degrees), high humidity, lots of sunlight, and a lot of tropical trees.

Going Hunting

With a combination of strong jaws, large teeth, and destructive claws, Indominus Rex surely has the best predator features than any other carnivore. Much like T.Rex, it does hunt for food, but it also likes to kill for sport. In Jurassic World (2015), the Indominus Rex was shown to have the ability to take on any herbivore, such as the armored Ankylosaurus to the large lumbering Apatosaurus. Not only can the adult take on the toughest herbivores, its also be noted that they can be cannanilistic (they eat their own young). Cannibalism is common in the DNA of the other species that this animals genetic code, such Majantholus DNA and the T.Rex DNA. It also has no problem of considering us as a prey item either. During the Isla Nublar Incident (2015), Indominus rex has made 16 kills.

  • Nick (Paddock Supiverisor)
  • Ellis (Paddock Worker)
  • 5 members of the Asset Contaiment Unit (Katashia Hamada, Craig, Lee, Cooper, Miller)
  • 1 Ankylosaurus
  • 6 Apatosaurus
  • 2 members of the Raptor Squad (Echo and Delta)

Love, Not War

- "There was a sibling in case this one didn't survive infancy."

- "Where is the sibiling?"

- "She ate it."

Claire Dearing and Simon Masarini discussing about the I.Rex's infant situation.