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This creature really is a monster.

Indominus Rex
Some attributes
First Length: 50 feet long
Second Weight: estimated to be 7 or 8 tons
Third Type of Dino: Theopod and can also walk on all limbs.
Other attributes
Fourth Diet: Carnivore
Fifth Timespan: Unverified, estimated to belong around 112 million years ago?
Sixth Location: Unknown

Out of all of the Jurassic films, there is one dinosaur that really can be unstoppable. Twice as more destructive as the Tyrannosaurus and Spinosaurus put together, the Indominus Rex or I. Rex is one creature that will underestimate you and its envornment.


So why is this dinosaur more fierce than the other carnivores through time. Because it's a hyrbrid. A fusion of different dinosaur DNA. Mainly different carnivores of the cretaceous period. 

All these animals are combined to make this monster. Each of the them gives the Indominus a different characterictisic. Gigantosaurus gives it the caracharodontosaurid-look and size, considering it weighs 2 tons more than T-rex. Carnotaurus gives it the skin impressions and spikes all over it's back. Therizinosaurus gives it the large claws to slash at prey and create devasting wounds. Tyrannosaurus Rex gives it the same jaw line. Velicoraptor gives it the same intellengence and theorpod pose. With all the features combined, you got yourself a predator that cannot be contained and extremly fierce.