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Everywhere around the world, an event of major proportions can be taking place. It can be taking place either underground or above our heads. It's not human caused, it's caused by mother nature. She can show her rage in different forms, from shaking the ground to a large funnels sweeping the open plains or a small town clean. 

These different forms of the great mother's rage is known as a natural disaster. A natural disaster is a major adverse event resulting from natural processes of the Earth and can cause loss of life or property damage. 

Internal Forces

There are two different types of natural disasters and they can be in different forms. Internal forces are caused by the shifting planet, either dealing with fracturing tectonic plates or magma escaping from the depths of the mantle. 

External Forces

The other form of natural disasters can take place in the atmosphere. Either a large spinning frisbee of clouds lurking over the oceans or a large fire out of control.